1st Full Stack Webapp with PERN Stack

The team’s first full-stack application journey

My FE team was tasked with creating a simple full-stack application. We decided to use Postgres, Express, React, and Node (PERN stack)

Why we choose PERN Stack

It is because our knowledge of Javascript would cover three out of four technologies in the stack. The combination of these technologies allowed us to build a full-stack web application with CRUD operations.

PERN is an acronym for Postgres, Express, React, and Node.

How we go about setting up a workflow

We approach our workflow from the FE perspective where we consider the user story first to design how our data table is going to be. First, we wrote the MVP UI, and create the server using Express. Then, we connect the express server to Postgres. Once the two frameworks re connected, we seed our mock data to the database, and voila. Time to deploy!

What else we added to our PERN stack to make it work

We used Knex to create the schema and write queries for Postgres. We used Docker Compose for local development with the database and Table Plus for interacting with the data.

Lessons learned from the project!